Hi, I am Octavia. I have a passion for creating beautiful things. I love working in illustrator, lightroom, and adobe After Effects. To see my work, click on the menu titled Portfolio. In this section you will see my top picks for the creations I have made in 2018-2019. More uploads are to come as I produce more artwork. I look forward to working with you!


As a highschooler I attended Central Nine Career Center and studied in the visual communications department. After graduation I worked at Central Nine for about two years in the visual communications department where I created a morning announcement show. I used final Cut pro to edit these videos. After this I worked as a freelance designer with local businesses to create a brand for there company. I have experience with designing websites from both scratch and in a web application like wordpress.  Now I am continuing this work and building my skills as a graphic designer. I currently run two youtube channels where I create and cut footage and graphics for specific productions. you can check them out: Silence X SecrecyThem Hebble Girls

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