About Me

I am a native to the Midwest. I was born in a small town – Jacksonville, Illinois. While I spent my youth there I had the privilege to have a mentor in  a town where next to no good things come from. Margaret was a big sister of mine from the organization “Big Brother Big Sister” she was a pediatrician, a lover of arts, a seeker of knowledge and a teacher of the “good life”.  Now she is retired living in her home she had build with her husband Chuck. Chuck was also a doctor in Jacksonville, he taught me how to fish, appreciate nature , and the importance of a balanced diet. I feel without their influence I would be an entirely different person and wouldn’t have the desire to work as hard as I can now so that later I can live like no one does.

My mother’s name is Monique and my beloved grandmother is Barbara. We have always been a very close family. I remember one time when we had 10 people living in a 2 bedroom home in Indianapolis. I should mention our family moves around a lot. We made it to Indiana when I was 9 and In our first home here I was rare not to wake up with someones toes in your face. Even though we didn’t have much I learned the value of appreciating what I do have. So now when I go through life I want to take these lessons with me and be as authentic as I can, I feel people these days are afraid to b transparent.

Tegan and Nova are my daughters. They are one year apart and keep me very busy. I work hard because of my children as do most of you do as well. I gained so much knowledge from having my children. The most important thing for me is to never forget my innocents. After having the girls I lost myself for a while, and coming out of the darker days I realized the one reason I am here is to find my happiness and raise decent adults.

Throughout my life I have studied lots of things and the single most inspiring topics I can’t get enough of  is the study of success! I love Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and Oprah Winfrey. I guess you can call these my mentors of today. I want to model these people, not because they are rich and famous but because they used the power of choice to change their lives. Because of them I know the good life is possible so I am going to dominate mine or die trying and I challenge you to do the same. So take a risk, be scared, fail, then succeed because none of us are making it out of here alive, I guarantee  it.

Photo Taken New Years Eve 2016-2017










































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