The Hybrid – A Lethal Weapon

It is a little known fact that the ones who are the most lethal people in the world have two qualities in balance. They are not just good businesses women or men, and they are not just free spirited or creative.  But these powerful individuals compose two attributes that when are mended together and perfected  have the power to accomplish any obstetrical and dominate any space. They are the hybrids of society, both creative and know how to sell.

The Creative one is a visionary and has the ability to envision the future and create something tangible from just a thought. Being creative gives births to ideas, art, music, inventions, strategies and the unknown. It is one part of the lifeblood of prosperity. Having the gift of creation is in all of us and it is truly the single thing that perpetuates happiness. And when you harness the power of this art and couple it with the lethal skill of selling and communication you can rule the world.

The Salesperson one who is a communicator and can deliver ideas and execute tasks and produces a result. It is the committed one that stays in the sales even when it gets uncomfortable. It is the person who follows up and follows through. Having the skill to sell your creative efforts will guarantee you success in any endeavor.

Work on the areas you need improvement on. I know that in my journey I made it a priority to invest in myself. I read books, I take courses and I learn something daily to stay on top of my skills. If you need a great sales book I highly recommend “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.

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