Desire + Action = Attraction

In the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill says the first thing a person must do to think and grow rich is to have a burring desire of ones goals. The power of burning desire is crucial, this emotion will inspire you to take the next step of attracting the success you   long for.

There are four types of action according to Grant Cardone. In his books “Sell or Be Sold” and “The 10x Rule” he explains these four levels of action. The only one you need to focus on to attract success is Massive Action. Taking massive action is the action you feel you need multiplied by 10! Doing this will ensure that you reach any goal you set.  #10x

Combining a burning desire with massive action will attract what you are feeling and moving towards. “Where focus goes energy flows” this famous quote by Tony Robbins is saying in order for you to achieve massive change and successes you must muster in the focus of your goal and take the actions needed to get you there.

The law of attraction movement is lacking the importance of a person actually doing stuff to influence the universe. It lets the powers at be show you are persistent not only in your thoughts but actions too. Desire + Action = Attraction

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