Luck Comes to Those Who Are Prepared

Have you ever thought about why some people in business seem lucky? Well to tell you the truth they probably are; but it’s not because they are better, smarter, or more entitled. It’s because they are making steps towards opportunities that they have prepared for. Luck is JUST this: PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY

Once I had this epiphany I stopped looking at others success and I focused competently on things I needed to work on to prepare me for my opportunities that I would attract. I continue to earn everyday with the knowing that through this practice opportunity will show up in my reality. I feel that what I am doing today is the result of my preparation of my blessing, opportunity, luck etc.

So if you are feeling that everyone is stealing your cheese, this first thing you must do is quite focusing on others and be 100% focused on yourself. Then you must start preparing for the life you want NOW. Is this getting more education, practicing a skill, developing a talent? Then work everyday to be  1% better than yesterday and be positive, patient about your new future.


Let me know in the comments, do you agree or disagree? Let me know some ways that you recognize you’ve created what you are experiencing today.



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