Luck Comes to Those Who Are Prepared

Have you ever thought about why some people in business seem lucky? Well to tell you the truth they probably are; but it’s not because they are better, smarter, or more entitled. It’s because they are making steps towards opportunities that they have prepared for. Luck is JUST this: PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY

Once I had this epiphany I stopped looking at others success and I focused competently on things I needed to work on to prepare me for my opportunities that I would attract. I continue to earn everyday with the knowing that through this practice opportunity will show up in my reality. I feel that what I am doing today is the result of my preparation of my blessing, opportunity, luck etc.

So if you are feeling that everyone is stealing your cheese, this first thing you must do is quite focusing on others and be 100% focused on yourself. Then you must start preparing for the life you want NOW. Is this getting more education, practicing a skill, developing a talent? Then work everyday to be  1% better than yesterday and be positive, patient about your new future.


Let me know in the comments, do you agree or disagree? Let me know some ways that you recognize you’ve created what you are experiencing today.




I see so many “Entrepreneurs” taking, taking, taking. I learn so much from Gary V, and I am so in align with the idea of providing value first. Check out my services and see if there is any way that I could be giving more. I would love your feed back. Building websites is so fun for me and I want people to have the same luxury I have by having beautiful, functional, and easy to use sites for their readers, customers, and clients.


#QOTD: What is one thing you are just so juiced about and why are, or aren’t you monetizing on your passion?

Leave a comment of your answer in the comments below, and suggestions of ways I can provide more value to the market. Thank you!


Spring into Action

It’s springtime, glorious springtime. I love the sweeter weather, the pops of purple and white and pink in my garden, the flutterbies and the runny babbits exploring my back yard. All this roused life can be distracting for me; historically I am less productive at this time of year. This is why developing a strategic plan, […]

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Day At The Park

NEW VIDEO Episode 002

Today I met with The Bloom Project,  a Tech non-profit in Indy, to organize our gala event we are having! I came home and was like “WOW, it’s a nice day lets go to the park.” When we got there Tegan my oldest was so excited and warmed up to the playground nicely. Unfortunately Nova was on my hip the entire time, but I enjoyed it all the same.




Hi I will be starting a YouTube channel! I am committing to daily vlogs and the single person who inspired me is Gary V! So stay tuned at OctaviaLenee on YouTube! And always remember to like and Subscribe!

Desire + Action = Attraction

In the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill says the first thing a person must do to think and grow rich is to have a burring desire of ones goals. The power of burning desire is crucial, this emotion will inspire you to take the next step of attracting the success you   long for.

There are four types of action according to Grant Cardone. In his books “Sell or Be Sold” and “The 10x Rule” he explains these four levels of action. The only one you need to focus on to attract success is Massive Action. Taking massive action is the action you feel you need multiplied by 10! Doing this will ensure that you reach any goal you set.  #10x

Combining a burning desire with massive action will attract what you are feeling and moving towards. “Where focus goes energy flows” this famous quote by Tony Robbins is saying in order for you to achieve massive change and successes you must muster in the focus of your goal and take the actions needed to get you there.

The law of attraction movement is lacking the importance of a person actually doing stuff to influence the universe. It lets the powers at be show you are persistent not only in your thoughts but actions too. Desire + Action = Attraction

The Hybrid – A Lethal Weapon

It is a little known fact that the ones who are the most lethal people in the world have two qualities in balance. They are not just good businesses women or men, and they are not just free spirited or creative.  But these powerful individuals compose two attributes that when are mended together and perfected  have the power to accomplish any obstetrical and dominate any space. They are the hybrids of society, both creative and know how to sell.

The Creative one is a visionary and has the ability to envision the future and create something tangible from just a thought. Being creative gives births to ideas, art, music, inventions, strategies and the unknown. It is one part of the lifeblood of prosperity. Having the gift of creation is in all of us and it is truly the single thing that perpetuates happiness. And when you harness the power of this art and couple it with the lethal skill of selling and communication you can rule the world.

The Salesperson one who is a communicator and can deliver ideas and execute tasks and produces a result. It is the committed one that stays in the sales even when it gets uncomfortable. It is the person who follows up and follows through. Having the skill to sell your creative efforts will guarantee you success in any endeavor.

Work on the areas you need improvement on. I know that in my journey I made it a priority to invest in myself. I read books, I take courses and I learn something daily to stay on top of my skills. If you need a great sales book I highly recommend “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.

Keep On Going

Inside every perceived failure interaction there is a lesson to be learned. In my own journey I can recall many times where I thought that I had done everything right in  a situation, often times p…

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Rainy Day Sushi

While seeing clients today about why they need to play the social game for their business; I stopped in my favorite place in town “Ichiban Sushi Bar & Sammy’s Asian Cuisine” .…

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